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   Source:  Entertainment Weekly, May 13, 1994 n222 p45(1).
    Title:  Scotch and coffee. (movie projects for Liam Neeson, Sean Connery,
            Mike Myers) (Brief Article)
   Author:  Tim Purtell
 Subjects:  Motion pictures - Planning
   People:  Neeson, Liam - Performances
            Connery, Sean - Performances
            Myers, Mike - Performances
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Planning: Schindler's List Oscar nominee Liam Neeson is about to play another
kind of hero--an 18th-century Scottish warrior in Rob Roy, to be directed by
Michael Caton-Jones (This Boy's Life) this summer. As Robert Roy MacGregor, a
Highlander who leads a revolt against a rich landowner, Neeson should look
smashing in a kilt.

Prepping: Real-life Scot Sean Connery will most likely not wear a kilt for his
role as a reporter who aids a murderer in Just Cause. The thriller, also
starring Laurence Fishburne, will begin shooting next month.

Brewing: Linda Richman, Mike Myers' ferklempt Saturday Night Live character,
will soon be kibitzing on the big screen in Coffee Talk. Myers will cowrite
and star, but so far no one knows whether Barbra Streisand will make an
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