Source:  Variety, August 9, 1999 v375 i12 p24.
    Title:  HBO sets up Uris' `Trinity' as mini.(Brief Article)
   Author:  Michael Fleming
Companies:  Home Box Office - Planning
   People:  Neeson, Liam - Performances
            Uris, Leon - Authorship
Nmd Works:  Trinity (Television program) - Production and direction
  Business Collection:  118P3692
Electronic Collection:  A55578533
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HOLLYWOOD HBO has made a deal to turn the Leon Uris opus "Trinity" into a
six-hour miniseries to be produced by Liam Neeson and Evolve Entertainment's
Gerry. Abrams and Jennifer Alward. Neeson won't act in the mini, but will take
an active hand in its development.

Published in 1977, Uris' bestselling tale deals with an upper- and lower-class
family in Northern Ireland, and the birth of Irish Republican Army resistance
against British occupation between 1855 and 1915. The central character is a
blacksmith and rugby player who, after his sharecropper family is
dispossessed, uses his athletic stature to raise money and help smuggle guns
for the IRA.
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